Measure B School Bond


Measure “B” is a $19.5 million general obligation bond authorization that will: Replace outdated roofs, lighting, utility, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems Modernize and expand career technical and vocational facilities so students have improved access to college and good paying jobs, right after high school Improve student access to computers and modern classroom technology Provide the required local match for $8.9 million in State grants to modernize classrooms and facilities at all school sites Require annual financial and performance audits and an independent citizens’ oversight committee to ensure funds are spent only on voter approved improvements

Measure B Frequently Asked Questions

What are General Obligation (G.O.) Bonds?

G.O. bonds fund the construction, modernization, or replacement of school facilities; including the furnishing and equipping of schools. Similar to a home loan, G.O. bonds are repaid over time.

How would the bonds be repaid?

Bonds are repaid from a tax levy on all taxable property within the District’s boundaries. The tax rate for repayment is determined by the assessed valuation, not market value. Assessed valuation is the value placed on real property by the County pursuant to Proposition 13 and is typically much lower than the market value for which a property may be sold.

How much would it cost?

The proposed measure would increase the previously approved tax rate by $10 a year per $100,000 of assessed value.

What safeguards exist for taxpayers?

State law requires a detailed list of all projects. Only projects identified on the detailed project list may be funded from the measure. In addition, the proposed measure includes guaranteed annual financial and performance audits and an independent oversight committee to ensure money is used only for voter approved improvements and repairs and not used for salaries, administration, or overhead.

What about other sources of funding?

The District is eligible for approximately $8.9 million in State matching grants for modernization; but a local match is required. State law prohibits the use of lottery funds for the repair or construction of school facilities. State and Federal funding goes to the District’s General Fund to pay for school programs and operations, including teacher salaries, and does not account for school repair and construction needs.

What happens if the proposed measure fails?

The proposed improvements would be delayed and the facilities needs at our school would continue to escalate with time. State grants would not be available due to not having a source of funds to meet the local match requirement.

Who can vote on Measure “B” this November 6th?

All the registered voters who live within the boundaries of the Escalon Unified School District would be eligible to vote on Measure “B”. The last day to register to be eligible is October 22nd.

Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee

Measure “B”  requires an independent oversight committee and annual financial and performance audits to ensure money is used only for voter approved school improvements and repairs and not for salaries, administration, and overhead.  The Escalon Unified School District committed to the principles of having an effective citizens’ oversight committee and are beginning the process of recruiting individuals to serve on the oversight committee for the proposed bond. The committee is made up of one member from each of the first five categories below and two members from the 6th category below.

  1. Active in a business organization representing the business community
  2. Active in a senior citizens’ organization
  3. Active member of a bona fide taxpayer organization
  4. Parent or guardian of an Escalon Unified School District student
  5. Parent or guardian active in the Escalon Unified PTA/PTSA or school site council
  6. At-large community member

Three Oversight Committee positions are currently vacant.

The district would like to fill the three vacant positions on the Oversight Committee. One position of for an at-large community member and the second is for a person who is active in a senior citizens organization. If you or someone you know is interested in participating please find the Bond Oversight Committee Application listed below in the Documents section.

Completed applications should be turned in at the Escalon Unified District Office located at 1520 Yosemite Ave. The district encourages all interested parties to apply. For further information please contact the Escalon Unified District Office at (209) 838-3591.

Bond Oversight Committee Members

VACANT Active in Business Organization Member  
Melanie McPherrin Parent active in PTO or SSC Member 2/2019-2/2021
Annette Wing Parent Member 2/2019-2/2021
Mark Valencia At-Large Member 10/2018-2/2020
VACANT At-Large Member  
Dave Willis  Senior Citizens’ Organization Member 2/2019-2/2021
VACANT Taxpayer Organization Member  


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