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Employee Resources

To support our staff members, Escalon Unified has partnered with Self-Insured Schools of California (SISC) to deliver mental health supports through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  
Employee Assistance Program: 
What the Program Is What the Program Is Not
A benefit  program that supports the wellness of employees within an organization that is enrolled in the program. 
A program that is based on insurance status or connected to an insurance plan in any way. 
Who is Eligible:
         Employees (regardless of insurance status) and family/ household members (regardless on if they are on an employee's insurance plan).  There is no connection between this employee benefit and an employee's insurance plan. 
How to Access:
         Employees and their family/ household members do not need to enroll; they are automatically eligible to receive support by being an employee/ living with an employee.  To begin services, an employee/ family/ household member can simply call 800-999-7222 and state that they are calling as a SISC EAP member/ household member of an EAP member.  They will be asked their name, date of birth, and school district that employee is affiliated with to initiate the process.  These services are completely private and confidential and the utilization of these services is not reported to the school district.  The information that is provided is simply to align available services. 
Mental Health Service Options:
         1) Mental health counselor access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any reason (e.g., loss of loved one, need for coping strategies, want to connect to mental health resources, interest in speaking to someone about a frustrating or stressful event).
         2) Free counseling sessions with a local mental health provider.  These services default to virtual; however, in-person services may be requested.  Each employee and family/household member is eligible for 6 free mental health counseling services per issue per year.  Employees who are feeling stressed with the process of finding their own mental health provider may request a "call out" service where an an appointment with a mental services provider is automatically facilitated for them.
         Counseling options available to all employees and members of their household:
                      a) Individual sessions- max 6 per issue per year
                      b) Couples Therapy sessions- max 6 per year 
                      c) Family/ Group Therapy sessions- max 6 per year