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Student Internet Use Agreement


The San Joaquin County Office of Education Data Processing JPA Network (IT JPA WAN) and the Internet represent powerful resources which allow you to find information in this world-wide electronic network. You are able to connect to and correspond with businesses, major universities, national libraries, other schools, and other people around the world.

Just as you learn social codes and behaviors which are acceptable at your school, you need to learn the correct procedures and rules for using the network of information services. We require all students to adhere to these guidelines. If you break any of these rules, you will not be allowed to continue to use the system.

At the beginning of each school year, you and your parents, or legal guardians, will be required to sign the Consent and Waiver form attached. This means that you and your parents are aware of the school rules and proper procedures for using the Internet and the IT JPA WAN, and the consequences which would result if these rules are broken. This signed statement becomes your permission slip to take trips on the information highway.

Student Internet Use Agreement