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Assessment & Implementation Plan


The Facilities Assessment and Implementation Plan assesses use of existing facilities, identifies the estimated costs of required improvements, and provides a plan for the finance and implementation of proposed improvements.

Program Objectives

School districts guide the education requirements of students as determined by their citizenry while navigating local, state, and federal requirements in an effort to provide an integrated delivery system that allows students to advance their education or join the work force upon graduation. School facilities house the students and resources designed to anticipate and support the educational programs that through the investment of available economic resources sustain the educational vision and mission over time. There is a periodic need to assess school facilities relative to actual or anticipated changes, including, but not limited to, technology in design or continued functionality, policy or program requirements, or trends in funding or operation that may effect the educational outcome for students. Based on various discussions with teachers, parents, administrators, and voters as well as noticed meetings with the Board of Trustees, the following objectives were developed to promote the District’s vision and program objectives for the Facilities Assessment and Implementation Plan. Proposed improvements should:

  • Support academic achievement
  • Enhance and maintain the sustainability of the General Fund
  • Transform school sites by improving their appearance and functionality