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Facilities Use Information


Subject to district policies and regulations, school facilities and grounds may be requested to be used by community groups within the boundaries of the Escalon Unified School District. To request use of a facility, you must fill out an Application for Use of School Property. Forms can be downloaded or picked-up at the facility you wish to use.  Completed forms must be turned into the appropriate school site/facility at least three (3) weeks prior to the date of use requested. If the time line is not met, use of a facility may be denied due to insufficient time to process the request.

Prior to any use of facility all assessed fees and deposits (security and cleaning) must be paid by the user or group. Also required prior to a use is a Certificate of Insurance naming Escalon Unified School District as Certificate Holder for a minimum of $1,000,000.


Groups which cannot be readily determined by the criteria on the Schedule of Fees may be evaluated by the district administration and a use fee assigned.


School use of facilities will take precedence over community use. To minimize potential conflicts, facilities may be reserved no more than 90 days prior to the activity.


Guidelines for Use of Facilities

  • For health and safety codes, preparing and/or serving food from a school kitchen requires a food service person to work the event
  • When food service staff is required it is assumed they will “work” the event as well as supervise for health and safety codes
  • Where applicable, food service person and/or custodian is required regardless of district employee involvement with event
  • District employees may not volunteer their time to work an event in the same capacity as their job
  • Custodian services are required for all events that go beyond the site custodians normal work day and/or weekends and holidays – events include school/class fundraisers
  • When Tech Services are required allow 30 minutes before and after the actual time needed. The district office will confirm availability of tech services for the time period indicated
  • Indicate & attach Certificate of Insurance if not already on file with District Office
  • Facility keys are never given out
  • Deposit fees should be sent with facility request