Technology News - August 2020

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Distance-Learning Technical Support

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The Escalon Unified School District believes that technology is a growing part of education, and all our students and staff must have equal access and opportunities to develop and master the skills that will ensure technology literacy.  Our school district is composed of four Elementary Schools, a Junior High School, High School, Charter School and Gateway Homeschool Program.  All of our schools have been immersed in Google Apps for Education, providing our students and staff with a single hosted account that can grow with them currently from second grade through High School.

EUSD has prided itself on budgeting for the future and longevity of new technology available in our district. We have included a revolving technology replacement cycle for students and staff computers within our classrooms and offices.  In 2013 our Microsoft Windows environment was merged with what is now G-Suite for Education, creating the multiple platform environment that has excelled for our teachers and students.

Our small district supports over 2500 and growing Chromebooks, 300 Windows Desktops/Laptops and numerous portable tablet platforms. EUSD has mobile Chromebook labs, with one or more computer labs available to our students in all of our schools.  All of our schools have wired network access, with wireless access available in every classroom. With interactive projectors, document cameras, interactive whiteboards, iPads, Student Response Systems, and many district wide hosted software solutions are used to support our teachers and students in all of our schools.


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