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COVID-19 Counseling Services


Warning Signs for Suicide





Distance learning can be a difficult time for students. Escalon Unified wants to make sure we remain connected to those who need us most.  If a student you know may benefit from a mental health screening or conflict mediation support, please complete this form and our Student Services team will contact them.  This form should only be used for mental health referrals / concerns. Anyone can complete the form to suggest that a mental health provider check-in with a student.  Students can also refer themselves or a friend.  We all do best when we work together to support our students.  


Crisis Resources




Dent and Gateway Elementary

Andrea González, School Psychologist 

phone : (209) 838-7031 (Dent); (209) 838-7177 (Gateway) 


Van Allen Elementary and El Portal Middle School

Kelly Arrighi, School Psychologist

phone : (209) 838-2931 (Van Allen); (209) 838-2931 (El Portal)


Escalon High School (EHS), Vista High School, Collegeville and Farmington Elementary



phone (209) 838-7073 (EHS); (209) 886-5344 (Farmington); (209) 941-2007 (Collegeville)


District Mental Health Clinician:

Rachel Smith

 (EHS) Phone: (209) 691-9895


If there are any concerns regarding 6th through 12th grade student academics, please contact the following counselors.


El Portal Academic Counseling

Mayra Manzo, School Counselor, is available for academic counseling, as well as to provide mental health checkups and supports. To make an academic appointment with Ms. Manzo, please complete this form.

Mayra Manzo, School Counselor: [email protected] 


EHS Academic Counseling

Escalon High counselors, including Alina Swann, Teresa Stavrianoudakis, and Gustavo Jiménez can be contacted by email to set up an appointment for academic records and socio-emotional concerns. Please email your respective counselor to set up an appointment.

Alina Swann                       [email protected]

Teresa Stavrianoudakis      [email protected]

Gustavo Jiménez                [email protected]