Hall of Fame

Throughout the history of the Escalon Unified School District, notable contributions to the educational society have been made by individuals of our communities. Frequently these men and women receive little or no recognition for their dedication, and if recognized at a particular point in time, are forgotten with the passage of years. The Escalon Unified Schools Hall of Fame memorializes, in a permanent way, these individuals.
Procedures for Selection: 
1. No fewer than one nor more than five individuals shall be selected for the honor per year. 
2. Honorees may be nominated from the following categories: 
    • Alumni of Escalon Unified Schools. Such individuals shall not be recognized until five years after graduation. 
    • A member of the community.
    • A district employee or Board Member. Such individuals shall not be recognized until five years after they leave/retire from District service. 
    • A parent of a student who has attended Escalon schools. Parents shall not be eligible until their children have been out of school for five years.
           3. Nominations shall be solicited from the community at large, including employees, former students,
               and retirees.  
           4. Nominations shall be submitted on a form provided by the District Office. The form shall contain a
               brief rationale for the nomination. 
           5. Nomination forms shall be made available by January 24, 2024 and shall be due by
               February 26, 2024.  
           6. The Board of Trustees shall appoint a selection committee composed of Board Members and
               District administrative staff members. The decision of this committee shall be forwarded to the 
               Board of Education for final approval. 
           7. The Board of Trustees reserve the right to waive any criteria if special circumstances warrant 
               such action. 
Hall of Fame nomination forms are available at the District office at:1520 Yosemite Ave. Escalon, CA 95320 
Please submit completed nomination forms in person or via email to: 
Emma Barba, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent | [email protected]
Full details and Hall of Fame forms below: