District Forms

Folder 2014-15 District Handbook (1 Files)
Download 2014-15 District Handbook
Folder 2014-2015 Parent Calendar (1 Files)
Download 2014-15 Parent Calendar
Folder Enrollment/Registration Forms (6 Files)
Download Registration Form - English
Download Registration Form - Spanish
Download Escalon Charter Academy Registration Form - English
Download Escalon Charter Academy Registration Form - Spanish
Download Gateway Homeschool Registration Form - English
Download Gateway Homeschool Registration Form - Spanish
Folder School Accountability Report Cards (SARC) (16 Files)
Download Collegeville SARC
Download Collegeville SARC Spanish
Download Dent SARC
Download Dent SARC Spanish
Download ECA SARC
Download ECA SARC Spanish
Download EHS SARC
Download EHS SARC Spanish
Download El Portal SARC
Download El Portal SARC Spanish
Download Farmington SARC
Download Farmington SARC Spanish
Download Van Allen SARC
Download Van Allen SARC Spanish
Download Vista SARC
Download Vista SARC Spanish
Folder 2014-15 School Calendar (1 Files)
Download 2014-15 School Calendar
Folder 2013-14 BUS ROUTES (39 Files)
Download Route 1 AM
Download Route 1 @ 2pm
Download Route 1 @ 3pm
Download Route 1 @ 5pm ASP
Download Route 3 AM
Download Route 3 @ 2pm
Download Route 3 @ 3pm
Download Route 3 @ 5pm ASP
Download Route 4 AM
Download Route 4 @ 2pm
Download Route 4 @ 3pm
Download Route 8 AM
Download Route 8 @ 2pm
Download Route 8 @ 3pm
Download Route 10 AM
Download Route 10 @ 2pm
Download Route 11 AM
Download Route 11 @ 2pm
Download Route 13 AM
Download Route 13 @ 2pm
Download Route 13 @ 3pm
Download Route 16 AM
Download Route 16 @ 2pm
Download Route 16 @ 3pm
Download Route 16 @ 5pm
Download Route 17 AM
Download Route 17 @ 2pm
Download Route 17 @ 3pm
Download Route 20 AM
Download Route 23 AM
Download Route 23 @ 2pm
Download Route 23 @ 3pm
Download Route 26 AM
Download Route 26 @ 2pm
Download Route 26 @ 3pm
Download Route 27 AM
Download Route 27 @ 2pm
Download Route 27 @ 3pm
Download Route 28 PM
Folder Student Internet Use Agreement (2 Files)
Download Student Internet Use Agreement - English
Download Student Internet Use Agreement - Spanish
Folder Inter-district / Intra-district Agreement Request Forms (2 Files)
Download Inter-District Agreement Request Form
Download Intra-District Agreement Request Form
Folder EUSD LEA Plan (1 Files)
Download EUSD LEA Plan
Folder Facilities Use Information (2 Files)
Download Facilities Use Fee Schedules
Download Facilities Use Guideliines
Folder Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures (4 Files)
Download Complaint Procedures/Complaint Form - English
Download Complaint Procedures/Complaint Form - Spanish
Download UCP Annual Notification
Download UCP Annual Notification - Spanish
Folder Board Policy 4119.11 Sexual Harassment (2 Files)
Download Sexual Harassment Policy in English
Download Sexual Harassment Policy in Spanish
Folder Title IX/Uniform Complaint Procedure (3 Files)
Download Title IX Coordinator
Download Board Policy - Uniform Complaint Procedure
Download Administrative Regulation - Uniform Complaint Procedure
Folder Payroll / Insurance (4 Files)
Download Form 216 Absence Reason Codes
Download Form 218 Extra Services
Download Form 219 Certificated Sub Time Sheet
Download Form 227 Classified Sub Time Sheet

This school district does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, political affiliation, gender, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, parental or marital status, or any other basis protected by federal, state, or local law, ordinance or regulation, in its educational program(s) or employment.