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Technical Support

Technology Support Hours: 7am - 4pm, Monday to Friday
Helpdesk Email: helpdesk@escalonusd.org
Telephone: 209-838-8911 option 1
(for URGENT and EMERGENCY support)
General Guidelines:
- Please submit a helpdesk ticket (either via email or the helpdesk website) for any support issues. This will enable us to effectively delegate, prioritize, and attend to your issue in a timely manner.

- For any urgent or emergency issues, support technicians can be contacted via telephone.
- Remote support is available for:
   Teacher Devices - help.sjcoe.net (a code will be provided by a support technician)
   Student Devices - https://remotedesktop.google.com/support
                                (please press the 'Generate Code' button and provide the access code to your support technician)
- For repairs to student devices, please submit a helpdesk ticket providing the name of the student, a description of the issue, and a callback telephone number. A support technician will arrange an appointment to collect the device and provide a loaner for the duration of our repair turnaround process (1-2 weeks). A technician will then schedule a follow-up appointment to return the repaired device.