What is Measure “E”?

Measure “E” is a general obligation bond school improvement measure on the November 6, 2018 ballot that will:

  • Construct a new stadium and an all-weather track for year-round use
  • Modernize and renovate classrooms to facilitate modern learning and better prepare students for college and careers upon graduation
  • Construct playing fields, playgrounds and structures for school and community use

Why has the Escalon Board voted to place Measure “E” on the November 6, 2018 ballot?

While the District has done a good job of providing both educational and athletic opportunities for our children for over 50 years, we must continue to maintain and improve our school facilities to ensure that our students are prepared for college or well-paying jobs and careers upon graduation. Our community has always been supportive of our local education, and has previously supported school improvement measures. However, there are still many unmet needs at our District that must now be addressed.

What are General Obligation (GO) Bonds?

GO Bonds are a form of borrowing made by the District. GO Bonds are repaid from property taxes that are collected within the District, typically over 25-30 years. GO Bond funds can only be used to pay for buildings and other infrastructure projects, including construction, and modernization, as approved by District voters.

How would the GO Bonds be repaid?

GO Bonds are repaid from an annual tax levied on property within the District’s boundaries. The amount of the tax is determined by the assessed value of a property (not market value).

What is the cost of borrowing?

District voters previously approved GO bond measures in 2002 and 2012. As bonds were issued, the District kept its repayment ratio at or below 2x. The District has been excellent stewards of taxpayer money with a current average repayment ratio of 1.95x.

How much would it cost local property owners?

The tax rate for the proposed school bond is projected to be $30 per $100,000 of assessed value per year. To help repay Measure “E”, a home with an assessed value of $200,000 would be assessed annual property taxes of approximately $60, or just $5 per month.

What are the current tax rates for the District and its neighbors?

The District’s 2018-19 preliminary tax rate is $38.90 which is well below the average tax rate of $80.81 for unified school districts in San Joaquin County.

Measure E Fact Sheet Tax Rate Chart. Tax rates will be $244.30 for Stockton USD, $111.90 for Lincoln USD, $84.30 for Lodi USD, $81.40 for Mateca USD, $65.80 for Ripon USD, $55.00 for Lammersville USD, $38.90 for Escalon USD, $29.50 for Linden USD, and $16.20 for Tracy USD.  The average is $80.81.

Would all funds be used exclusively for Escalon?

Yes! Measure “E” funds would be dedicated only for uses benefiting Escalon school facilities, as approved by District voters.

What safeguards does the community have to ensure the bond money is not misused?

State law requires a detailed list of projects be presented to District voters. Only projects identified on the project list may be funded from the Measure “E”. Bond money cannot be spent on administrator or teacher salaries.

What happens if the proposed Measure “E” fails?

Measure “E” requires 55% of voter approval for passage. If it fails, these improvements will have to be delayed and our school facilities needs would continue to increase over time along with potential costs. In some cases, projects will have to be paid from other District funding sources that could otherwise be used for academic programs and operations.

How would the community benefit from the Measure “E” Bond measure?

As education evolves into the 21st Century, we must ensure that our classroom technology and learning environments keep pace so that our students can successfully compete with neighboring districts. We can all take pride in our athletic teams that have received recognition for their efforts; however our Stadium no longer meets student and community needs, and must be reconstructed. We must renew the investment in our athletic facilities so that we have facilities that are comparable to other schools.

What about other sources of funding?

The District’s General Fund annual budget comes from the State to cover educational programs and other ongoing costs of running our schools, including teacher salaries. The District’s General Fund does not account for major school construction needs. Additionally, State lottery funds are primarily restricted for educational purposes.

Who can vote on Measure “E” on November 6th election?

All registered voters who live within the boundaries of the Escalon Unified School District are eligible to vote on Measure “E”. The last day to register to vote for the November 6th election is October 24th. You can register to vote at:http://registertovote.ca.gov/

Where can I find additional information?

Please send questions about Measure “E” to the District office at (209) 838-3591.

Download Escalon USD Measure E Fact Sheet.